Kangaroo – 1 oz

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Product Description

The Australian Gold Nugget, also called a Kangaroo, is the traditional gold bullion coin minted by the Perth Mint. Each coin contains 1 troy ounce of gold.

The Gold Nugget series was introduced in 1986. This issue of coins had two unique features: a “two-tone” frosted design effect, and individual hard plastic encapsulation of each coin. These features were unusual for a standard bullion coin and gave the Nugget a unique market niche.

They have legal tender in Australia and are one of the few legal tender bullion gold coins to change their design every year.
Their limited annual mintage may raise their numismatic value over the value of gold used. In each year of issue, the 1 oz Australian Kangaroo 99.99% pure gold bullion coin is subject to a maximum mintage restriction of 350,000.


Weight 1 toz
Forms Bullion, Coin
Purity 0.9999